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Новак Джокович

Новак Джокович

Novak Djokovic is a name that resonates with the world of tennis. Known as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, he has amassed numerous accolades and titles throughout his career. Djokovic’s popularity isn’t limited to only the sporting world, as he has an immense following globally, including Japan.

Djokovic’s fans adore him for his skill-set, competitive spirit, and his personality both on and off the court. In Japan, the tennis superstar has a significant fan base, with many more joining with each passing day. Novak’s charm, humility, and love for Japan have certainly played a crucial role in winning over the hearts of Japanese fans.

Japan has always been a special place for Djokovic. He married his wife, Jelena, in Montenegro in 2014, and then traveled to Japan for their honeymoon. Since then, the Serbian icon has been a frequent visitor to the country, having also participated in many tournaments throughout his career.

In 2020, Djokovic visited Japan for the third time with his ultimate goal of winning the Japan Open trophy. He succeeded in his mission, becoming the first player in ATP history to have won all nine Masters titles, including Japan Open.

The ATP Tour’s Japan Open championship is one of the biggest tennis events in Japan, and it draws a considerable amount of attention and excitement from fans of the sport. Djokovic’s presence in the tournament undoubtedly added to the thrill and tumultuous buzz, with fans showing up in huge numbers to see him play live.

Apart from his sporting accomplishments, Djokovic also has a connection with Japan as his family owns a Japanese restaurant in Monte Carlo, called ‘Eqvita.’ The restaurant menu is a reflection of the player’s strong connection with the Japanese culture and cuisine showed in the incorporation of matcha, soba, black rice, and other Japanese ingredients.

Djokovic has also worked extensively in promoting tennis in Japan, and the country’s young aspiring tennis players have an excellent example to emulate in the Serbian superstar. He even initiated Japanese tennis players to train with him at his Novak Tennis Center in Serbia as a way of promoting and developing the game in Japan.

In summary, Djokovic’s affection for Japan is undeniable, and his impact on the country’s tennis scene is immense. No doubt, his presence in any tournament throws the spotlight on the tournament, and in turn, promotes tennis in Japan. Djokovic is undoubtedly a global tennis icon, and in Japan, he is adored by fans for his talent, character, and contributions to the sport.

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